Marlborough Primary School

Our Autism Hub: Classes 1 and 2

Our provision caters for children with a diagnosis of autism as their primary need, from Reception to Year 6.  We have 2 classrooms, which are split into Early Years / Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, are staffed by a full time teacher and partner teachers who are all trained and experienced in working with autistic children.

The children that have the autism provision named on their Education, Health and Care Plan have access to The 'Bodyshop', containing a swing, hammock, trampoline and other equipment which supports the development of gross and fine motor skills as well as the children's emotional regulation. The 'Sensory Room' provides a space for singing and dancing as well as relaxation and regulation. The outside space enables the children to take regular movement breaks, which are incorporated into the daily routine.

Anstruther House offers a personalised curriculum, but one which also reflects the mainstream curriculum. As part of the compatibility criteria, children are expected to be able to access mainstream learning, participate in mainstream activities and benefit from interactions with mainstream peers. All the children named in the provision eat in the lunch hall with the rest of the school and have access to the mainstream playgrounds, where they are supported to play and engage with their mainstream peers.

In order to meet the needs associated with autism, we use the following approaches which are embedded into the school day:

  • SCERTS (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Supports)
  • Attention Autism
  • The Zones of Regulation
  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • Colourful Semantics
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Social Stories
  • Language for Thinking

The children named in the provision also have access to a Speech and Language Therapist (one day per week), Occupational Therapist, Music Therapist and Art Mentor.

Admission to the autism resource provision is decided by the local authority SEND panel followed by consultation with the school and the child meeting our compatibility criteria.