Marlborough Primary School

Parent Representatives

Parent Representatives are a vital link and play an important role in supporting the school. 

The Purpose: 

  • to be a point of contact so that information can be disseninated qucikly and accurately
  • to be a link between the school and families
  • to be involved in organising/helping with school events
  • to work together to make this school the very best school

The Role: 

  • to meet with Ms Keck  and Ainsley regularly 
  • to uphold and promote the school values
  • to ensure that all parents are aware of events in the school to which they are invited
  • to welcome and help with the induction of new parents and aid their understanding of the workings of the school
  • to direct parents to others who may be able to translate letters for them or attend meetings and translate
  • to help to find parents who are willing to volunteer when help is needed e.g. to accompany on school visits or to get involved in special events such as providing food for International Week
  • to be willing to form a working party to create new events for the school that both contribute to creating a unified school community and help raise funds for the school