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Online Safety

The internet is essential in 21st century life for education, business and social interaction.

As children move up through the school their access to various types of technology increases and it stands to reason that their exploration and curiosity increases too. The positives of the digital world overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives but children, schools and parents all need to be aware of various online risks. At MPS we teach children about online safety in every year group at an age appropriate level as part of the Computing and PD curriculum. The safe use of social media and the internet will also be covered in other subjects where relevant. We use assemblies to raise pupils’ awareness of the dangers that can be encountered online and may also invite speakers to talk to pupils about this.




Online Safety Lessons  and how parents and carers can support

Online safety lessons will look at: 

  • social media and other online behaviour, how to be a good friend online
  • how to report bullying, misuse, intimidation or abuse. 

Parents and carers,  can best support this by talking to their children about:

  • The apps, sites and games they use (you don’t need to know them – ask your child to explain it to you),
  • Who they use them with
  • For how long
  • When they use them (late at night / in bedrooms is not helpful for a good night’s sleep and productive teaching and learning at school the next day!) 

We want to work with parents and carers on online safety matters, and regularly update this page with up to date and relevant information to help you keep your children safe online.

Social Media

Many social media platforms have a minimum age of 13  please note WhatsApp is 13+).

We ask parents to work in partnership with us to educate and monitor social media usage and to respect age ratings on social media platforms.

How much time should children be spending online? 

Please take a look at the links below which will provide you with more information and advice. 

Build screen time around family activities, not the other way round, parents told | RCPCH

How much time should I spend online? | Childnet

Managing Screen Time - Advice for parents | Internet Matters

Screen time: what do parents need to know? — Parent Zone – Parents' area

Screen Time - UK Safer Internet Centre

Useful resources and links for parents and carers

 Parents can seek further guidance on keeping children safe online from the following organisations and websites:

Parents & Carers guide to age appropriate content





Common Sense Media

If you are unsure about a game/app or social media website, common sense media provides concise summaries and information important to parents.



Thinkuknow is an education programme from the National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command. Since 2006, it aims to ensure that everyone has access to this practical information – children, young people, their parents and carers and the professionals who work with them. 


Internet Matters

A comprehensive web resource with a wide array of tips and advice on how to navigate the online world with your child. Some of their guidance we attach below but you can find even more by visiting the link. 


National Online Safety

National Online Safety’s mission is to make the internet a safer place for children. They aim to do this by equipping school staff, parents and children with the knowledge they need to understand online dangers and how best to react should an incident arise. The link above provides up to date information about a wide variety of social media apps and platforms your child might be using.



The NSPCC are the first to admit that the internet is amazing. Children can play, learn, create and connect – opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. But with the digital world changing all the time, how can you make sure your child’s staying safe? That’s where the NSPCC come in. Whether you’re an online expert or you’re not sure where to start, their tools and advice will help you keep your child safe.



Childnet International is a registered UK charity that aims to make the internet a safe place for children and young people. Packed with resources it is a great resource for parents.


Internet Matters

Parent Guide 0-5




Internet Matters 

Parent Guide 6-10 




Internet Matters

Parent Guide 11-13




Resources for Children to use 

Below are some links that children themselves can access for help when navigating the tricky subject of online safety, 

Reception - Year 2 

Below are a number of links that are tailored for children in the younger year groups.

Year 3-6

Below are links more suitable for older children.