Marlborough Primary School

After School Care

We provide care for children from 3.30pm to 6pm during term time. 

Children can be collected by 4.30pm or 6pm. This enables children to engage in meaningful activities and enjoy their play. This service is provided by school staff.  Pre-bookings must be made by midnight on the previous day. 


Half session 3.10pm - 4.30pm £10.00 (pre-booked) £12.00 (not pre-booked)

Full session 3.10pm - 6pm £20.00 (pre-booked) £22.00 (not pre-booked)

Reception to Year 6

Half session 3.30pm - 4.30pm £5.00 (pre-booked) £6.00 (not pre-booked)

Full session 3.30pm - 6pm £10.00 (pre-booked) £12.00 (not pre-booked)


The service is provided by the school staff. During the pandemic it operates in defined groups. Children must be registered before they can attend a session. Drop in sessions are available at the non pre-booked rate.