Marlborough Primary School

Our Ethos, Values and Aims

 Our Ethos 

 We are proud to have 'learners that excel, enjoy and achieve.' 

Our school is a unique school; a special place, where the children are at the very centre of everything we do! Every day is an opportunity for our children to learn, to acquire new knowledge, to remember more, to use what they know and apply it in different and effective ways.

Our School Values 

 At the core of our school, are the values of:

  • Kindness
  • Aspiration 
  • Perseverance 

These are deeply embedded in every part of school life and are woven throughout our curriculum.

Our Aims 

At MPS we:

  • know every child as an individual, enabling them to flourish
  • develop and nurture individual talents, ambitions and interests
  • value parental involvement, interest and support
  • ensure children leave having achieved highest standards in the core skills of reading, writing and maths
  • enable pupils to excel throughout the broader curriculum
  • provide the rare opportunity to be taught by specialist teachers in computing, art, design and technology, music, physical education and Spanish which enables children to go further and deeper in these subjects
  • offer a range of before and after school services which mean your child can develop new interests and skills
  • create a safe environment where all in our community have respect for each other whilst upholding British Values
  • make sure all have equal access to opportunities irrespective of protected characteristics