Marlborough Primary School

School Hire

Marlborough Primary School is available for hire in the evening, at weekends and during the school holidays.

If you wish to find out more about our facilities that are available for hire and how to go about this please click here.

  • Our school is open from 7am -5.30pm on school days (for school use). 
  • Spaces for lettings are available from 5.30pm-9.45pm on weekdays in term time.
  • 8am-10.00pm during the school holidays and weekends. 
  • The school is open all year round. 

Our students are thoroughly enjoying their classical ballet lessons which we run on weekends at the Marlborough School dance studio. It is bright, well equipped and allowing our ballet masters to teach lessons on at the highest professional level.

- Natalia Kremen, Natalia Kremen Ballet School

Marlborough Primary School offers outstanding spaces! The Dance Studio we hire is spacious, bright, very welcoming with an amazing sound system.

It is a fantastic space to practice our fitness activities. 

We run 2 weekly classes (Core training on Saturday and full-body workout on Monday) and our participants love the quality of the facilities as well as the very central location, in the heart of West London.

– Daniel Coury, Swedish Fit

We have been hiring various facilities for over 16 years. Marlborough Primary School has outstanding facilities which are excellent for children. The school is clean and fully equipped with all the necessary IT equipment. MPS is a great school to hire out!


Great classroom, friendly staff and fantastic location!

– Elisabeth Keck, Little House of Science

Dakoda’s Dance Academy has been Offering Children’s Ballet, Street Dance Dance Classes and more in London for the past 10 years. Over the years we have often hired the Hall for our Performance rehearsals due to the huge space. We currently hire the Dance Studio for our Street Dance classes on Saturdays. The Studio Is a great space, light and airy with a good music system and fantastic facilities. Parents have often commented on how great the school is.

– Dakoda Matthews-Forth – Director, Dakoda’s Dance Academy