Marlborough Primary School


Science is valued as fundamental component to the future development of society.

Our science lessons satisfy this curiosity with the knowledge and the skills to collect evidence through first-hand observation and investigation.

We recognise that science has the potential to:

  • stimulate and excite pupils’ curiosity and
  • stretch their imagination and creativity.

Through our science curriculum we ensure:

  • working scientifically is at the heart of all science learning
  • all children have a  fascination and curiosity about the world around them
  •  children acquire specific skills and knowledge to help them to think and work scientifically
  • embed a knowledge and understanding about scientific concepts in biology, chemistry and physics 
  • encourage children to ask questions about the world and choose the best way to answer those questions using scientific processes and
  • expect children to treat the living and non-living environment with respect and sensitivity.

Our weekly science lessons follow the objectives of the National Curriculum and we have planned our units so that there is clear progress across the year groups; knowledge and scientific enquiry skills are built upon throughout the school.  




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