Marlborough Primary School

Children have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons for half a year in Year 5.

Physical Education (PE)

PE and games are an integral part of the curriculum with high quality specialist teachers for

  • games
  • athletics
  • dance
  • gymnastics 
  • and swimming. 

All children participate in more than two hours of PE each week

  • one hour (taught by a PE specialist) where games and gymnastics are the focus, 
  • half an hour of dance (taught by a PE specialists in the autumn and spring terms) 
  • completing 'The Daily Mile' three times per week (each session is 15 minutes of sustained movement). 

Children have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons in Year 5.

We set out to ensure all children are

  • actively engaged and enjoy sport and physical activity
  • to be aware of the importance of physical activity and sport in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Through the teaching of PE we ensure our pupils have an understanding of

  • rules
  • analysis and feedback
  • communication
  • leadership
  • tactics and technique
  • problem solving
  • fitness levels
  • and we expect them to demonstrate our school values. 

Throughout the year children take part in borough events and inter and intra school competitions and have a wide range of extra curricular clubs including sport clubs.



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