Marlborough Primary School


Fostering fluent, resilient mathematicians who can reason and problem solve.





We believe our high-quality Mathematics curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed. Research suggests that success creates greater motivation. We develop lessons that create early success which builds children’s motivation to want to do more. We believe all children can succeed and aim to develop this belief in every child.

Maths is taught daily and adapted to the needs of the children regardless of their year group.  It is essential that skills and knowledge are built upon solid foundations, therefore teachers will select appropriate levels of challenge for their students.

Fluent Mathematicians 

Our calculation policy has been developed to show the small sequential steps children need to achieve before moving on. Children will master an area of learning before moving on. Quick column calculations are used when the children understand the value of the numbers involved and the process of what they are doing.

Resilient Mathematicians

Our teaching is designed so the learning gets progressively more challenging during the lesson.  The success the children have at the start of the lesson develops their resilience when attempting more challenging concepts.  Our culture underpins this, as children know, ‘it’s OK to make mistakes; it’s not OK, not to try.’

Mastery Approach 

All lessons are developed using the structure for mastery below:

EYFS - Teachers use the mastery approach verbally with the children.

Year 1 - 3 :

  • Practicing
  • Using
  • Proving
  • Deepening 
  • Challenge/Explore 

Year 4- 6: 

  • Varied Fluency
  • Using and Applying 
  • Reasoning and Problem Solving 
  • Deeper Understanding 
  • Challenge/Explore

Parent Workshops

Calculation Policy Workshop