Marlborough Primary School


At Marlborough Primary School, our maths teaching is underpinned by a mastery approach, with our vision being that all children will achieve well in maths.

The mastery approach builds confidence and encourages children to deepen their learning of key concepts through mathematical structures and representations.

Our aim is for children to be confident mathematicians that can:

  • develop a positive attitude to maths 
  • become fluent in the fundamentals of maths
  • reason and solve maths problems in a variety of contexts
  • have a quick recall of basic facts
  • apply mathematical knowledge and
  • use a range of methods with accuracy and explain their understanding.

Our calculation policy ensures that children build up their understanding through:

  • small, logical steps 
  • systematic direct teaching of appropriate learning objectives
  • developing a range of efficient mental calculation strategies for all four operations
  • using written calculation methods for all four operations
  • explain their knowledge of a concept using maths vocabulary and 
  • solving a wide range of mathematical problems.

 Maths is taught daily following  the consistent structure of:

  • practise - 'varied fluency'
  • apply - 'using and applying'
  • reason and explain - 'reasoning and problem solving' and
  • enrich - 'depth'





Whole School Calculation Policies





 Whole School Calculation Policy Guidance