Marlborough Primary School

Learners that excel, enjoy and achieve 

At MPS we believe in excellence, ambition and achievement in all we do. We believe all children can achieve well. This policy sets out our intentions, how we construct learning so that every pupil is given every opportunity to make outstanding progress and achieve excellent outcomes in all areas of the curriculum.

Our children are:

  1. inspired, engaged, motivated and curious
  2. challenged by the learning
  3. making progress due to their consistent hard work
  4. keen to contribute to the lesson, asking relevant questions and debating the topic with enthusiasm
  5. able and willing to interact productively with each other as well as teachers
  6. able to explain what they are doing and why
  7. have high self-efficacy, show resilience and are able to persevere
  8. proud of their achievements

Lessons enable our children to:

  1. recap the previous learning at the start through a variety of methods (formative assessment)
  2. provide clear lesson objectives which are revisited and revised during the lesson
  3. explain information clearly using appropriate language
  4. provide feedback on the progress of their pupils and identify clear next steps
  5. build on previous learning (when appropriate) and educators provide context so that children understand what they are learning and why
  6. allow opportunities for children to work independently
  7. deepen their knowledge and develop their skills and use previous knowledge and skills in a variety of context

Our teachers:

  1. are experts in the subjects they teach
  2. believe that everyone of their pupils can achieve well and ensure they are well prepared for the next stage of education
  3. create learning environments where high levels of self-efficacy can thrive
  4. involve every child in the learning process
  5. set imaginative tasks that challenge and inspire pupils and also fosters intrinsic motivation
  6. utilise a wide range of approaches and learning resources in order to target different pupils with different abilities
  7. facilitate independent learning and accurate and informative pupil evaluation
  8. check progress towards expected outcomes
  9. have high expectations for the children they teach
  10. identify any barriers to learning that children may face and do all they can to enable learners to overcome them
  11. have a deep knowledge of the curriculum, so that assessment is accurate and next steps are clear and systematic
  12. take ownership of the targets set for their pupils and work within their class/year group teams to ensure these targets are met