Marlborough Primary School

Handwriting and Spelling

We start building good handwriting and spelling habits from the very beginning. 


Key Stage One 

We start building good handwriting habits from the very beginning of KS1.

Presentation and handwriting is an important part of our curriculum and contributes to giving students a sense of pride and ownership over their written work.

Clear, well-formed letters allow children to see their learning clearly and creates space on a page for clear understanding and organisation. By starting this process while children are in the early stages of learning to write, we are able to support our students in developing a lifelong skill in handwriting.  

Standards in handwriting are very high at our school. We use the Nelson handwriting scheme which allows students to learn letter formation in a systematic way. Students who may struggle with letter or number formation are given additional support and plenty of time is dedicated in the school week to allow practice for this key skill. Handwriting and presentation are taken into consideration for every subject.

Key Stage Two 

In Key Stage Two, children regularly practise their handwriting in discretely taught lessons to help them present and organise their work clearly across all subjects.

We aim for children to develop a neat, legible, joined handwriting style (using the Nelson Handwriting scheme to support) and teach the children to hold themselves to high expectations.

We appreciate that all children have unique handwriting and developing a stereotypical, ‘neat’ handwriting style may be challenging; however, we as a school will do everything within our power to help these individuals to build up their confidence and gain more consistent pen control through additional resources such as pen grips, specific interventions and additional pen control activities.     

Handwriting Curriculum Map




Spelling is explicitly taught twice per week.  Children are introduced to a new spelling rule each week and explore this spelling rule. Children apply this knowledge in the second lesson through a range of activities and games. Children are tested weekly on their spellings.


Curriculum Map