Marlborough Primary School

 Early Reading 

Reading is a fundamental skill that enables our children to be successful in all they do. Books and literature are at the heart of the school ensuring our children develop a lifelong love of reading.  

Reading in Nursery 

 At Marlborough, our lifelong love of reading begins in nursery. Reading is an important part of our daily routine and supports the children’s early language acquisition, comprehension skills and cognitive development. 

Reading and Continuous Provision 

A rich and varied range of texts that follow the children’s interests are displayed throughout our indoor and outdoor setting to encourage independent reading.

The children have access to a cosy and calm reading area in the classroom where they are able to read their favourite stories with puppets and props to support retelling.

Practitioners share stories and rhymes with children through imaginative small world and role play based activities.

Reading at Home 

Every week, each child takes home a Phase One Phonics book home. The Phase One phonics books are wordless and help to develop the children’s communication and language skills. Each child also takes home a selection of bedtime stories to share with an adult at home.

Reading in Reception and Year 1 

To further foster the children’s love of reading in Reception and Year One, we ensure each classroom has a calm and inviting space for independent reading.

The books in each class have been carefully selected to match the children’s interests and topics they are learning about.

In Reception and Y1, the children have the time to study core books. They are able to draw upon other texts containing similar themes, characters or genres.

Here, the children are able to expand and develop their literary knowledge in fiction and non-fiction texts.

Reading and Continuous Provision

The continuous provision and carefully planned play opportunities in Reception and Year 1 allows for the children to further embed their language acquisition. The children are actively encouraged to lead their play and share their learning experiences with their peers.

Reading at Home 

Every week, each child takes home a decodable phonics book that matches the sounds they are learning at school and a selection of bedtime stories to share with an adult at home.