Marlborough Primary School

Art, Design and Technology

Art and Design Technology is deeply embedded to allow children to create meaningful links across the curriculum:

  • while exploring
  • refining
  • and mastering technical skills.

Our dedicated Art and DT Studio provides a specialist space for the delivery of high-quality lessons.

Our Art curriculum provides opportunities for children to make their own art in various forms and explore the meaning behind famous:

  • art works
  • genres
  • and artists.

While our DT curriculum allows the children to explore and excel at a wide variety of tasks including:

  • cookery
  • textiles
  • and product design.

These creative lessons encourage pupils to develop their artistic skills and appreciation as they progress through the school, using art to make connections and interpret the world around them.

We inspire our children, staff and wider community through the teaching of Art and Design Technology, where everyone is encouraged to gain confidence in expressing themselves and develop a lifelong love of the arts.

Art and DT

Curriculum Map