Marlborough Primary School


Developing a rich, critical understanding of the past and making links between themes, periods and events





How we teach History

  • understand how the past can be divided up into different eras
  • recognise and understand that there are similarities, differences and connections between these eras
  • learn about a range of people,
  • develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of events, people and places and the interconnectedness between them
  • learn about the impact that events from the past have had on our lives today.
  • We enrich our curriculum with exciting trips and visits to allow children to apply and contextualise their knowledge.       


  • We give the children opportunities for extended home learning projects which provide the opportunity for children to extend their knowledge beyond the classroom and engage with history at home.


Our children:

  • ask perceptive questions
  • think critically
  • weigh evidence
  • consider both sides of an argument and 
  • develop perspective and judgement

Early Years

Nursery and Reception focus on History and Geography throughout the year. Through direct teaching and continuous provision. This is in line with the Early learning Goals for Understanding the World: Past and Present; People, Culture and Communities and The Natural World. Themes include: our families, past and present, our day, toys from the past, our school, our local environments.

Why do we love History at MPS?

"We get to do projects in history and I like these a lot because there's lots of options and they're all fun options!" - Year 2


"I love history because my teacher makes it so fun. She tells us lots of surprising and funny facts like did you know Queen Elizabeth I had black teeth?!" - Year 2


"History is so interesting because we can learn about people from all over the world and how what they did has changed things for people today." - Year 3


"I like that our history learning links to other subjects like RE and Geography. I found learning about the Greek gods very interesting and also learning about where the first humans lived." - Year 3


"The more I learn in history, the more I want to know." - Year 3


"I love our history lessons because we get to see lots of pictures and photos so I can imagine how people lived. We also get to see lots of videos and we went to the Natural History Museum to see a Neanderthal skull in real life!" - Year 3


"I love learning about the lifestyles of people in the past and how much things have changed. My favourite topic was the Romans because we can still see the impact that they had on the world." - Year 5